About the Band

Hwy 42 hails from the greater NC Triad area and treat their fans to classic hits from country and rock.  Jay Gann and Travis Talent's guitar leads float along the solid beats from Brad "Boom Boom" Allen while Freeman lays down the low end on the bass.  Lynne keeps the crowd dancing and singing with vocals while Keith balances out the sound and helps on vocals and percussion.  The deep song bank takes the crowd back to a time when music touched their soul.  Don't be surprised when a fan is brought up to help the band on a track or give "MORE COW BELL!"  Hwy 42 engages the crowd with their thoughtful mix of rock and country which gets the masses to their feet and on the dance floor. 

We play a variety of events including local music venues, corporate events, private parties, class reunions, and weddings.  We provide our own sound system and equipment.  We set up and sound check about an hour before the event, and can quickly break down following the show. 

If you are interested in booking Hwy 42 for your event, please contact us with the link in the menu above, and we can talk about your event details, location, and performance time.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION!!  

Lynne Allen


For Lynne, it’s a simple equation: Music + Passion = Magic! Born into a radio broadcasting family, music made its way quickly into her heart as she was introduced to a mix of Oldies and Classic Rock before she was even 3! When she was just a little girl, she would go with her Dad to the radio station at which he worked and pick out her choice of “Not For Sale - Promotional” 45 LP records by popular artists of the 70s - as many as she could ever want! Ohhhh how she was in heaven when she got to take those records home, holding them tightly in her hands in the car all the way there, and played them as loudly as her record player would go! From then to now, Lynne’s love for music remains a huge part of her existence. Her extraordinary passion for music sets her heart on fire which any audience can see when she’s on stage. She adores seeing how music moves people, and the smiles that come over their faces simultaneously. Music takes her mind to where it finds peace and is the comfort food of her soul. THAT, my friends, is Magic!

Jay Gann

Guitar and Vocals

Like many guitarists, Jay began playing acoustic guitar in his church youth group. He has performed in praise bands and triad rock bands since 8-track days! His rock guitar roots run deep, but he enjoys performing all types of music. He’s a Mike Campbell (Tom Petty) and Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow) fan and loves the solid rock rhythms and hooks that these musicians lay down. Jay looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor rockin’ with Hwy 42. Always, always Be Good to People and remember, Music is Good for the Soul.

Travis Talent

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

The only son of a family of music connoisseurs, Travis found all the siblings he’d ever need on the FM dial, vinyl platter, and scuffed CDs of his youth. 

Gravitating toward lead guitar, Travis has a strong passion for multiple genres including southern rock, country, rhythm and blues, jazz, and contemporary Christian. 

Whether in a church, basement, wedding hall or dive bar, he’s going to give all he can, warts and all!

Keith Price

Sound and Percussion

Keith has been rattlin’ the plumbing pipes with his music since his early teen days in a basement bedroom.  His influences range from Zeppelin and Skynyrd to Charlie Pride, and from B.B. to Big Band.

He played brass with NC State’s Power Sound of the South® (the ‘world’s most dangerous marching band’), and Bill Hanna’s Charlotte Youth Jazz Ensemble.  Picking up bass guitar and choral/ lead vox experience along the way, he remains an ‘introverted showman’ who enjoys shaping great music for every venue and audience.  At the end of the day, Keith works hard make your Highway 42 ride smooth, fast and fun!

Brad Allen

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Brad finds his happy place behind the drums, playing and singing.  Growing up, Brad was introduced to live band music, as his parents traveled throughout West Michigan playing and singing in a Praise Band.  While very young, Brad began arranging bowls and pans on the kitchen floor and then playing them as a crude drum set!  From those humble beginnings, to playing and singing in a wide variety of groups, bands, and theater casts, music remained to be a centering place in Brad's life for over 45 years.  

Brad loves sharing the stage with his amazing friends and family in HWY 42. 

"The most enjoyable place for me is behind my drum set, playing and singing along with people letting music take them to a happy place in life while they're singing and dancing along with HWY 42!" -Brad

Charles Freeman


Charles started learning to play guitar in high school and began playing bass in an original music band at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Charles enjoys a wide range of music from acoustic folk to reggae to heavy rock.  His influences include Weezer, Mandolin Orange, Counting Crows, BB King, Tool, the Sword, Damian Rice, and the Lemonheads.  After an extended hiatus, Charles is excited to be playing music again in Hwy 42.